Helping You Promote Walking to School, Cycling and Road Safety

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Brightkidz' Aims

BrightKidz is a social enterprise promoting walk to school schemes and high visibility clothing for children.

Our Overall Aim

To promote sustainable transport, road safety and active lifestyles for children.

Our Approach
  • To change hearts and minds with positive actions to make people want to walk or cycle to school.
We Are Doing This By...
  • Making attractive, affordable high visibility products available for children.
  • Providing information about walk-to-school schemes through our websites and publications.
  • Raising the profile in the media of walking to school and the importance of children being visible near traffic.
  • Providing solutions to the problems sometimes associated with Walking Bus schemes.
  • Designing and supplying resources to promote walking and cycling for all.
  • Working with other organisations who share our interests and helping to promote their services.
  • Working with schools, parents, local authorities, the press and industry to help get more walk to school schemes started and promote child conspicuity.

As a social enterprise and workers' co-operative we want to help others understand that business doesn't have to just be about financial profit - money is important but we don't all want to be dragons!