Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

The Brightkidz vision is for children to grow up with walking or cycling as their natural choice for everyday journeys and for them to become safe, confident, independent users of active, sustainable ways of travelling.

Our Mission:

Brightkidz is a social enterprise promoting safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for children.

We love what we do – providing quality resources, support and information to help schools, local authorities, businesses and parents promote walk-to-school, scooting, cycling and road safety initiatives.

Our innovative range of products including high vis accessories, active travel resources and general promotional products with custom printing support our aims and provide our main income. Our projects such as ST:EPS (Safe Travel: Enabling Pupils and Schools) support schools to develop and deliver active travel plans. The information we provide through our website and publications provides further help for parents and teachers to set up and run walk to school initiatives such as the walking bus.

As a common ownership co-operative and social enterprise, all profits from sales are ploughed back to support our aims. Commercial success is essential as it enables us to be financially self-sustaining but our main focus is on our social goals.

We have a strong team ethos and enjoy working with many external partners. Our core team is small which means our customers always get a friendly, personal level of service.

Brightkidz has been established for sixteen years and we will continue to build on our knowledge and experience to provide the best and most relevant products, information and support we can.