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Whether it is a brisk walk from the bus or a rain-blown cycle to the office, active travel does not mean you have to look like an extra from The Walking Dead.

One of the biggest barriers people face when trying to make changes to their travel habits is the issue of getting clean and presentable at their destination.

No-one wants to sit next to a sweaty mess during the morning meeting or work on a project with a dust-spattered diva. However, most workplaces, colleges, schools and public buildings do not have freely accessible shower facilities or hairdryers, so the health-conscious environmentally friendly traveller must have other ways of freshening up and looking fabulous for their day ahead.


One of the first things to sort is the state of the hair: whether it is wind-blown from a walk or flattened by a hat or helmet on the bike, we all feel better when our hair is looking good and staying in place. Short of being followed everywhere by a personal stylist, the easiest way to refresh locks is by using a dry shampoo. There are dozens available and all do a similar job: spray onto the roots, give it a rub and then brush or comb out. It’s quick, easy and you can choose from a myriad of scents to suit your mood!


Next consideration is the rest of the body: removing the sheen of dust and grime and making sure we are welcomed into group discussions rather than encouraged to work alone. Again, there are many dry soaps out there that do not require any water, meaning you can get clean and smell fresh without the trauma of trying to bathe in a sink. All you need is a travel towel to wipe it off, and off you go looking and smelling amazing! Much more eco-friendly than disposable wipes too.


Finally, the tricky question of clothing. For many, we think that walking requires heavy boots, a rucksack and many shades of brown and green. The reality is that we can walk in any clothing we want (as long as we are not scaling a mountain or crossing a desert), perhaps only needing to carry a change of footwear depending on the dress policy of your destination (or depending on the weather). For cycling, this can be a little more tricky, as it is difficult to cycle in some clothes, but there are lots of options: wearing a band around loose trouser legs means you can avoid the lycra look. (Unless you are aiming for a world record, you can cycle without excessive sweat.) However, if you do decide to carry a change of clothes, there are special rucksacks, panniers and messenger bags that will hold a change of clothes without creasing.
So now we know how to arrive looking good, feeling great and smelling fresh, we can focus on the amazing benefits active travel can bring!

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