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Sticker Sessions

Get creative with these 'high vis' projects!

  • Design-a-Sticker: Use blank fluorescent circle stickers to design a fluorescent sticker for your bag.
    • You will need a selection of blank fluorescent stickers (allow 5 per pupil)
    • Decide on your theme and style: are you trying to get across a particular message or do you just want a fun image on your sticker?
    • Practice your design first on plain white paper, then copy it onto a fluorescent paper sticker.
    • Use a thin pen without filling much in otherwise you will lose too much of the brightness.
    • Put your stickers on bags or coats (not shirts or jumpers) so they will be seen when you are outside.
    • When you walk home later see how your classmates’ stickers show up really well from a distance. If it is a misty or dull day they will show up especially well.
    • Take a photo for your road safety display board.
    • Variation: Local authorities can hold a fluoro sticker design competition to promote a campaign message for their area. Give schools blank fluoro sticker sheets and the campaign message, ask them to send in their best entries, select a winner and have the winning design custom printed onto a pack of stickers to give out to schools in the area.