Want to beat the traffic jams? Avoid the hassles of parking? Get fitter? Save money? 

We are here to make it easier for you, your friends and colleagues to choose great travel options; walking, cycling, car-sharing or using public transport.
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Better ways to commute

We’ve been helping children to travel in more active ways for years at Brightkidz. Now we are introducing a new side to our social enterprise – Brightwayz – to inspire adults to walk and cycle more, car-share or use public transport especially on regular, everyday journeys such as the journey to and from work or college.


Want to be seen more easily seen when cycling or walking?

To help you on your way, our range of high vis waistcoats, bags, hats, LED lights and accessories for adults means you can choose how to be bright day, dusk and most importantly at night making it easier for drivers to see you.

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Organising an active travel campaign?

Calling all travel plan professionals – and you too if you are leading on promoting active travel for your organisation – we are here to support your campaigns. Get the attention you need with our eye-catching custom printed reflectors; the fluorescent, reflective materials mean they are a great way to get your message across, encourage employee engagement and are also a practical road safety giveaway to encourage those new to the walking or cycling habit. 

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Promotional Products with Social Impact

If you are looking for more traditional ways of drawing attention to your campaigns check out our other range – Brand My Thingy for a wide range of custom printed promotion products with social impact; 100% of profits are ploughed back to support active travel and road safety projects we run.


Need practical ideas to support your workplace travel plan?  

Whether your role involves helping employees to get fitter, reducing demand for car park spaces or fulfilling environmental CSR objectives, a workplace travel plan is a good way to start. Look out for our tips and examples to inspire such as the award-winning travel plan initiatives at Next PLC.