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Legs Matter!

stand up for legs

This year sees the first ever Legs Matter week, which aims to raise awareness of leg and foot health care across the UK. Issues relating to feet and legs are increasing, which is why healthcare professionals want to help people understand how to take better care of themselves. How does this relate to active travel?…

Atomic Habits For More Active Travel

Brightkidz Alison with James Clear

4 minute read:  There are lots of great books you can read that give an insight into how to change behaviour… either your own or those you are trying to influence.  My very favourite is Atomic Habits by US author James Clear so I was really excited to have a chance to meet him recently…

Scootfit comes to Grange Primary! 

scootfit session

4 minute read:  Alison, Eryn and Fiona had a fantastically fun afternoon at Grange Primary School in Kettering on Friday, 22nd March joining James from Scootfit delivering sessions to a range of year groups. James had been going from the morning, so he was in full swing when we arrived at the end of his…

World Meningitis Day


2 minute read:  Today is World Meningitis Day and although Brightkidz blogs are usually about promoting active travel, this week instead we are turning to our new apprentice Eryn to give you a blog with a more personal story. Over to you Eryn… The theme for World Meningitis Day 2019 is Life After Meningitis.  Meningitis…

Why is it Called the “School Run”?

kids running

4 minute read:  This was the question I asked myself this morning as I walked past a whole row of cars, stuck in a queue near my house. “Run” makes it sound like they are going quite fast… like it is somehow fun or exciting. It isn’t though. I looked at the faces of those…

Walking blog – it’s my life!

walk to school

2 minute read:  A welcome message from Brightkidz Fiona. It’s hard sometimes, when you don’t really have much of a say in the way things work: Get up; brush your teeth; wear your uniform… there aren’t many times in a day when you get to do exactly what you want, the way you want to…

The smoothie making bike

Smoothie making on bike

2 minute read:  British Science Week proved to be the ideal opportunity to roll physical activity, healthy eating and sustainable living together using fruit, a food blender and a bicycle. Rob Bounds, School Travel Plan Officer at Derbyshire County Council explains; “Having achieved Modeshift STARS Gold, Dallimore Primary School are continuing to promote active and…

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