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Walking blog – it’s my life!

walk to school

2 minute read:  A welcome message from Brightkidz Fiona. It’s hard sometimes, when you don’t really have much of a say in the way things work: Get up; brush your teeth; wear your uniform… there aren’t many times in a day when you get to do exactly what you want, the way you want to…

The smoothie making bike

Smoothie making on bike

2 minute read:  British Science Week proved to be the ideal opportunity to roll physical activity, healthy eating and sustainable living together using fruit, a food blender and a bicycle. Rob Bounds, School Travel Plan Officer at Derbyshire County Council explains; “Having achieved Modeshift STARS Gold, Dallimore Primary School are continuing to promote active and…

Sussed It!

kids drawing

2 minute read:  Welcome to Sussed It! This is the place to read all about sustainable travel (“sus”, see?) and ways you can get yourself, your friends, family and teachers more active and aware. Together, we can “suss” out the ideas that will help all our communities be green, lean and happier! The idea of…