How Brightkidz Can Help… Families

If you are a parent or grandparent see our range of children’s products. And we are not just here for children; for adults keen on walking, cycling or horseriding we can help you too.

Find out about our great products for adults and children, and how to keep yourself and your family active and bright.

Products to Help You

Taking your children out and about.  Help them to be bright and seen in daytime with fluorescent colours – either when you want to spot them easily in a crowd or help them to be seen by drivers in daytime when near traffic. At night reflective materials they wear bounce back the light from headlights helping them to be seen by drivers. Let your children choose – a yellow waistcoat gives great all round brightness day and night but many other options and colours are available: bright bags, hats, stickers, reflective clip-ons and more.

Keeping adults bright. Brightkidz is not just for kids; many of our products are also suitable for adults to help keep you bright too. Popular items from our adult high vis range include waistcoats, baseball caps, super stick reflectors and rucksacks.

Incentives for children. Keep your children motivated to walk to school, or for good behaviour with our shiny stickers and other incentives.

Learning to cycle safely. See our charmingly illustrated safe, active travel themed books, including Why Animals Can’t Ride Bikes…and You Can and The Rabbit’s Tale about how animals stay bright.

What’s popular with families? See our family favourites.

Prices to Help You

  • Quality and Value: We offer quality products – good value is about quality products at a fair price; we make sure we offer this.
  • Free postage: We now offer free UK delivery on all web orders.
  • Low(ish) minimum order: Our minimum order is now £25. This enables us to offer all customers best value. We understand some families may be looking to place smaller orders – why not pair up with friends or other parents to place your order and maybe also make use of our 10+ quantity discounts. If you are looking for just one reflector, ask at your child’s school as they may have a reflector sale there.
  • Good to know: As Brightkidz is a social enterprise all profits are ploughed back to cover costs and help us improve the resources and information we provide.

Information to Help You

  • Looking for school-run solutions for your child’s school? Could you be their next walk-to-school ‘parent champion’? Find out about walk-to school schemes such as Park & Stride or the Walking Bus in our Walk to School info section.
  • Want to get your children out on their bikes? See our tips for cycling with children.
  • Need creative activities for the school holidays? See our Bright Activity Ideas; fun ways to teach your children about being safe and seen.

Need More Help?

Contact our friendly team by email or phone 01536 526461 and we will be happy to help you.

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