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Cycle or Scoot - Introduction

3 kids on bikes

The moment you first ride a bike on your own - without stabilisers or a parent holding on - has to be one of the most exciting, exhilarating moments in your life. Once you are confident, the freedom, convenience and pleasure of being able to cycle is hard to beat.

As parents, we want our children to have healthy, happy, independent lives and teaching them to cycle is a step towards this. However we also want our children to be safe from traffic dangers; to understand about risk but not get seriously hurt. Teaching them how to be safe is a crucial part of them learning how to ride a bike.

Some children prefer to scoot; it's a low-cost, fast but sustainable way to get to school and parking is easy. If children have proper scooter training and are allowed to develop these skills it is good preparation for any cycle training they take when they are older.

We look how you can help your children can be safe on their bikes and scooters. And how to make cycling even more eco by recycling your bike.

kids bikes

Cycle Training - who can help, national standards

Maintaining Your Bike - spring clean, right size, regular checks

Helmet Safety - The Cycle Helmet Initiative, helmet size

Bright on Your Bike - keeping visible day and night, bling your bike

Let's Scoot to School - how to encourage safe scooting, including training tips.

Bikes for Africa - recycle your bike with Recycle charity.