Better Ways By Car

No Choice? Have to Drive?

Here are some better ways to go by car:

  • School Parking Campaign: keeping pupils safer near school gates.
  • Lift Sharing: share a ride and help solve the congestion-building problem of single-occupancy car use.
  • Car Clubs and Car Sharing: access to a car or second car, but only when you need it.

City-dwellers may have good access to public transport and good walking or cycling networks. If you live in a town or village and have some distance to cover, there may be no alternative but to travel by car. These ideas help those who have to drive keep costs down, reduce time as ‘taxi driver’, park more safely near schools and  become part of the solution.

Resource Tip:

Pop Up Signs – Don’t Park on the Zigzags

dont park on zigzags

These fun characters are a friendly way to remind parents where not to park. 

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