Buses, Trains and Trams

Travelling by bus, train, tube or tram may be an everyday activity for some children but for many it isn’t – so don’t let them miss out on these experiences… teaching them now will help them become independent travellers when older.

If there are no trams or underground trains where you live, it’s a good excuse for an exciting city trip.

Walking, scooting and cycling are great for shorter journeys but if you are traveling further afield you need a vehicle option. Bus, tram or train travel are the most eco-friendly options and these trips will often involve active travel – a walk at either end.

  • On the buses – Promoting bus travel for children.
  • Bus behaviour – Buddies and ensuring best bus behaviour..
  • Not Just Thomas the Tank – Travelling by train for all ages.
  • Trams – City ways to travel.

An Exciting Day out in the City:

Paddington station

Let your children or pupils experience awe-inspiring places such as Paddington Station.

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