Informal Walking Bus

On an informal walking bus, a group of children walk to school together with their parents.

How Does it Work?

  • Parents are responsible for their own children.
  • Everyone meets at a pre-arranged time and walks to school together.
  • Participants may or may not wear high vis. If they do it will make the scheme more prominent.
  • More people join the Walking Bus just because they see it, they are going that way anyway and the children want to join the others.

Why this is a Good Idea

  • No commitment is required.
  • No forms need to be filled in.
  • No volunteers are needed.


  • Parent and children all need to understand that children still need to be accompanied by their own parent or carer, ie no-one else is taking responsibility for other children. This needs to be clear wherever the walking bus is promoted.
  • It can be promoted through the school to show it’s not just a group of friends walking together.

Setting Up an Informal Walking Bus

  • The only thing you need to do is round up a few people in your neighbourhood and arrange to walk to school together.
  • A crowd attracts a crowd and before you know it you will have a Walking Bus.
  • Meanwhile you can work on the requirements for a volunteer-accompanied Walking Bus if you wish to do so.
  • By the time this is launched many parents and children will be so used to walking as a group that volunteers should be easy to find. Parents will then have the option of walking with the group or leaving their children to walk safely with volunteers.

Tip for Success:

adult waistcoat

Prefer to share the school run? Join forces with other parents and take it in turns to walk the children to school on a formal walking bus. 

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