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dragon reflectors

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‘Be brave.’ I told myself, ‘You can do it - just put yourself forward. It will be good for you and it will be good for Brightkidz’.

And so I pressed the ‘send’ button on my email: Yes, I‘m interested in pitching in the 'Dragons Den' at the Good Stories conference.

No turning back now.

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Cycling towards cycle shelter

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The kids have gone back to school... maybe to new schools... and maybe they are trying a new way of getting there: cycling.

So this week we welcome back guest bloggers and cycle shelter suppliers Broxap with tips on how to keep your children safe when cycling to school... or anywhere! Take it away guys...

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Starting school is a Big Thing; it’s exciting, they want to make friends and impress the teacher… and that’s just the parents!

But it can also be overwhelming with so much information to take in and a strong desire to do the ‘right thing’.

If you want parents and pupils to get the ‘walk to school’ habit from the start they may need your help and encouragement but your efforts now could have a really long-lasting effect.

Here are ten tips for schools to help make the most of this opportunity and create a ‘walk to school’ culture:

catch the bus week promo photo

Why drive when you can be driven? Personally I'd much rather travel by bus than take the car... my time is my own to check my phone and I don't need to worry about the traffic or finding a parking space.

However, many of us are in the habit of driving everywhere and would not think of taking the bus despite the growing levels of congestion and pollution. Children are growing up dependent on their parents for lifts and even unaware of how to read a timetable and catch a local bus... maybe not even knowing how to get it to stop!

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Broxap cycle shelter

Wondering what to do this weekend? Why not get on your bike? Tomorrow is the start of UK Bike Week (10-18 June), an annual opportunity to promote cycling and show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life.

We love sharing cycling promotion resources with you, so to mark Bike Week here's a guest article from Broxap cycle shelter suppliers with cycle safety tips and details about their prize draw competition to win a bike shelter for your school. Closing date is Monday 19 June - good luck! Now over to Broxap...

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pollution from industry

From classic Sherlock Holmes mysteries to this year’s Netflix series The Crown, air pollution in London has played an atmospheric role in our entertainment culture for many years. It may create an air of nostalgia, excitement and mystery but the reality is harsh.

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outdoor classroom day 2017

You’ve heard about Walk to School Week and probably taken part too. Now here's something else going on this week; which is helping children make the most of the great outdoors during class time.

And we’ve plenty of ideas on how it could also be an inspiration to help you promote safe, active, sustainable travel...

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walking to school stickers

‘I need to make a volcano’! ‘I need a Greek costume!’ ‘I need to walk to school tomorrow!’

Being a parent is one of the most varied and challenging jobs in the world. No training course can fully prepare you. And when your child starts school there is a constant flow of homework projects, dress-up days and special initiatives which need your support.

So when your child asks if they can walk to school to earn a sticker, you may think it is not worth the effort of changing your ‘drive to school’ routine.

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red boots

Do you want to launch a new walk-to-school scheme? Boost your walking bus? Or just find ways of getting your own children to walk more? From bunnies and blooms, to shoes, shields and shades, here are ten ideas for the months ahead...