A selection of products from our Brand My Thingy range. These are great for any promotional or marketing campaign; all can be printed with your message or logo to get your message out there. The bonus is 100% of profits support Brightkidz active travel campaigns… so your marketing spend has social impact.

Includes pens, pencils, water bottles, eco bags, coasters and more. And if you can’t see what you need or would like some help choosing… email Lance our promo products expert lance@brandmythingy.com or take a look at our fuller range on our Brand My Thingy website www.brandmythingy.com.

Campaign Events


£5.60 Exc. VAT

Campaign Events

Jute Eco Bag

£3.24 Exc. VAT

Campaign Events

Collapsible Coffee Cup

£7.25 Exc. VAT

Campaign Events

Recycled Pen

£0.30 Exc. VAT

Campaign Events

Pen with Stylus

£0.72 Exc. VAT