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Who's Bright?

JRSOs Learn the Bright Bits

  • These pupils took part in a JRSO session run by London Borough of Lambeth. (Now superceded in London by the Junior Travel Ambassador Scheme which is similar but has a greater focus on promoting sustainable travel as well as road safety).
  • The JRSO scheme is organised by various councils across the UK. It's a great way to get kids to learn about road safety. Two children per school take part, and they pass down the information to other children in their school by holding assemblies, competitions and setting up displays.
  • One of the key activities, especially for the autumn term is learning how to 'be safe be seen'.
  • Our High Vis Event Packs are a good resource for road safety professionals organising JRSO events.

Happy Faces Pre-School’s Bright Activities

  • Try Happy Faces Preschool’s bright activities: Be Bright collage, traffic light biscuits, role play, stop/go runaround and high vis bookbags.
  • For Road Safety week one November the children prepared a colourful collage of a child wearing a multi-colour fluorescent coat with reflective trims. They used pieces of fluorescent material to show up in daytime and cut up reflective tape to make the collage bright at night.
  • If you want to do this with your preschool, you could also use fluorescent paper (sometimes called 'neon') or fluorescent paint. For the reflective bits use metallic crayons or silver foil. This won't be as effective as proper reflective material but it will still get the idea across.
  • Alternatively use materials from our hi vis craft products range or upcycle an old high vis item so you have pieces of fluorescent fabric and reflective tape.
  • Tip for this activity: draw the facial features on first before the children start. If you don't, the children will work on the face rather than the clothes; so you might get a 'clown with no clothes' instead. Alternatively cut out a face from a magazine or use a photo of the child.
  • Other activites the children did were: traffic light biscuits, role play for crossing the road on a mock zebra crossing, and a 'stop/go' runaround session.

Litter Picks and Night Hikes and Funding for Cubs

  • Cubs from Northants took part in a litter pick. As this involved walking out near dusk, when visibility is bad, they needed their high vis waistcoats. The fluorescent colour of the waistcoats looks brighter as daylight gets poorer so helping them to be seen.
  • Another evening they all went off for a night hike across the fields and along some roads. They started off at dusk with the large setting sun behind them, stopped for a hot chocolate break halfway and arrived back well after night had fallen. The last part had been along some roads so the wide reflective strips on their waistcoats were really good at making them visible to drivers after dark.
  • Their waistcoats were funded by an ENTRACK grant from ACRE Northamptonshire and the Countryside Commision. One of the requests from the funders was that the cubs learnt the 'be safe be seen' message by getting their Road Safety badge.
  • If you run a voluntary youth organisation such as cubs, beavers or brownies and you regularly take the children out, look out for funding sources for these items which make the children safer and encourage more walking.