Shared Experiences and the Women’s Tour

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It was great to discover that the OVO Women’s Tour was coming into the Midlands again this year,
especially as it was cutting through Rugby, which is where I live!

A Cycling Spectacle

Last Thursday – a slightly soggy morning – I donned my waterproofs and stood on a tight bend leading into the village of Dunchurch, right outside Bilton Grange School. All the children were out in force with their teachers, armed with Tour flags and Team Drops (the all-British team) banners. The film crews were making the most of the enthusiasm and noise created by the children, something the police were helping to encourage with their flashing lights and sirens, stirring the crowds to a frenzy. Even some of the drivers, held due to the road closure, were filming the spectacle and chatting with police and other by-standers.

Being in the Moment

The cyclists breezed through, looking effortless and surprisingly good for people riding hard in some tough weather. It was once they had gone through that I realised something: the event had felt so special because of the support, not just the competitors. It will probably hurt the feelings of pro athletes everywhere, but that connection to others, the sense of anticipation and the shared joy of being in a moment together, that was what made those few moments great.

Shared Experiences Help Habits Stick

So, this is why here at Brightkidz I am writing about a professional cycling race: not because we are suggesting everyone needs to become a pro, nor because we think everyone should be a cycling fan. It is actually because everything is better when people get together to share the experience. Whether it is being part of a cycling group, a walking group, a park and stride team or a scooter train, joining with others to share an experience makes the whole thing feel wonderful. The bonus is that when we join with others to do something, we are more likely to stick with it and make it a habit.

What Brings You Together?

Enjoy our pictures of the Women’s Tour, but while you have a look, think about how you can join with others to do something active which brings you together and maybe share your story with Brightkidz.

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