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What is ST:EPS?

ST:EPS or 'Safer Travel: Enabling Primary Schools' is a new project being launched by us here at Brightkidz in partnership with local authorities, police, Central England Co-operative and other supporters. The main aim is to bring community partners together to help schools get the resources and information they need to promote safe, active travel.

Resources for Safe, Active Travel

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By helping schools become aware of and make the most of existing resources they will be able to help their pupils become safer and more active for everyday journeys. For example resources that could be highlighted include cycle training, scooter training, Living Street's WOW campaign, Brake's Road Safety Week, Modeshift STARS school travel award scheme and many more at a national and local level. In addition we are looking to identify and fill any gaps in the schools' needs regarding safe, active travel.

Support from Local Authorities and The Business Community

The involvement of local authorities as ST:EPS partners is key to the project's success as they can offer their expertise, experience and time, and are often keen to work in collaboration with a social enterprise such as Brightkidz. However, tight local authority budgets mean it is essential to attract support from elsewhere to help meet the schools' needs. So we are reaching out to businesses, especially those with a strong desire to engage with and support their local communities. We are delighted that Central England Co-operative have come on board with us and hope many more businesses and organisations will join us and give their support, either financially or in kind.

ST:EPS Kettering

STEPS Kettering

The first ST:EPS project to be launched is ST:EPS Kettering with Grange Academy as first lead school and sponsorship provided by Central England Co-operative. Why Kettering? It's where Brightkidz is based, although our customers come from all over the UK.

All primary schools in Kettering town are currently being offered the opportunity to apply to be lead schools in this project. Four will be selected and will get a free support package from Brightkidz worth £500 which will enable the schools to promote safe, active travel, develop a school travel plan and achieve Modeshfit STARS bronze level accreditation.

Priority will be given to schools where this project is likely to have the greatest impact (as judged by Northamptonshire Police and Northants County Council Road Safety team). In addition any school in the borough of Kettering (ie this includes surrounding villages too) can take part in the project and benefit from resources such as printed materials (funded by Central England Co-operative) and a free training and networking session for teachers on how to promote safe, active travel.

Beyond Our Home Town

Any new resources we develop for the project will be made available on our website so the benefit can spread far and wide. In addition, as the Central England Co-operative region covers a wide area, any schools within the region will also be able to have free copies of printed materials from the project such as our forthcoming 'walk to school' guide.

For the future we are hoping to set up ST:EPS projects in other areas of the UK - always in partnership with local authorities. Next 'step' will also be local to our offices - ST:EPS Corby in collaboration with Corby Community Safety Partnership, subject to us finding sponsors.

Get Involved?

If you represent a business in the Kettering or Corby area and are interested in discussing with us how you could be involved please email us here.

If you represent a primary school in the Kettering area and are interested in joining ST:EPS please email us here.

If you are interested in how ST:EPS in general please email us here.

Coming soon: partner page for ST:EPS Kettering with link to partner's websites, resource directory for safe, active travel to school in Kettering.

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