Who Can Help with Your Walk to School Initiatives?

Why go it alone when there is help out there? There are many professionals and organisations with a strong interest in promoting sustainable, safe travel for children. Make sure you find out who can help with advice, resources, funding or inspiration for activities.


Who Can Help from My Local Authority?

  • In the UK most county councils, London Boroughs and city or unitary authorities are working to encourage everyone to travel more sustainably.
  • Despite the current austerity measures and budget cuts, your local authority should be able to help you.
  • The level and type of support varies from area to areaand depends partly on local policies and priorities.
  • Many councils often have one or more person in post who works with schools to encourage more walking to school.
  • Although the department name and job titles vary, start by contacting your council and asking for the sustainable travel team; otherwise contact your local road safety team and they may be able to put you in touch as they often work together.
  • Borough Councils may also be able to help via their Community Safety or Sports Development teams.
  • Don’t forget the smaller councils; although parish councils won’t have huge resources they may be able to offer community grants to support projects that help improve safety outside school gates.


How Can the Police Help Me?

  • Your local police will be concerned about any traffic dangers around your school gates and are always keen to work with communities to make them safer.
  • Contact your local police to let them know about your initiatives to improve road safety so you can work together.
  • They may have access to funding or resources to help promote community safety initiatives such as yours.


Which Charities Can Help Me?

  • Living Streets is the UK campaigning organisation for pedestrians and public spaces.
    • Their mission is to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets where it’s great to walk.
    • They organise national Walk to School Week in the and promote International Walk to School Month in the UK.
    • Visit their website for more campaign and event information at www.livingstreets.org.uk


  • Sustrans are a leading UK charity enabling people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys.
    • Over the last 20 years they have helped establish the UK national cycle network enabling and encouraging more people to cycle on safe, enjoyable routes.
    • They employ over 140 officers to work in schools to teach cycling.
    • Although best-known for their work promoting cycling, they also promote walking and provide information about walking with children on their website at www.sustrans.org.uk.


  • Brake is a UK (and New Zealand) charity that provides advice and resources, and runs national events and publicity, to help communities achieve safer roads.
    • They organise UK road safety week each autumn in which many schools take part.
    • Other activities include the Giant Walk – an annual June event for schools to encourage and promote walking.
    • Pre-schools take part in their Beep Beep Days that run two or three times a year to teach road safety to early years children.
    • See their website at www. brake.org.uk for information on how to get involved in their events and campaigns.


Getting Help from Businesses

See our blog for tips on getting sponsorship from businesses for your schemes.

Case Study:

Kids Walk for Safer Roads

Brake kids walk

Road safety charity Brake organises a Kids Walk for schools each year to promote safety for those walking and awareness by drivers.