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Welcome to Sussed It!

This is the place to read all about sustainable travel (“sus”, see?) and ways you can get yourself, your friends, family and teachers more active and aware. Together, we can “suss” out the ideas that will help all our communities be green, lean and happier!

The idea of this blog is to give you the facts, ideas and inspiration for you to share in school as well as at home. Each article comes with questions and ideas for tasks so that teachers and parents can talk with you about them and use them to make positive changes in the way you think about travel.

We will try to give you something new each week, covering topics like walking, cycling, scooting and the environment. Plus, there are opportunities for you to get involved with us at Brightkidz, by writing your own articles, sending us pictures of your active travel ideas and entering competitions to win Brightkidz goodies!

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You will also have noticed that there is an approximate reading time at the top of this introduction; well, this will be on every article we publish and is just a guide based on an average reader. It doesn’t mean it’s a race or that you have to read it in that time, it is so you know roughly how long the text is before you start!

We really hope you enjoy reading our blog and remember to contact Brightkidz with your ideas and feedback for new ideas of things we can write about!


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