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Walk to School - Introduction

When we were kids nearly all of us walked to school every day.  We would chat to our friends on the way and arrive fit, refreshed and ready to start the school day. Congestion from school run traffic was not a big issue and the school gates were not such danger zones.

How We Can Help
  • We want to give more children the opportunity to walk all or part of the way to school safely every day. So we've put together some practical ideas that can help achieve this.
  • Our Schemes and Initiatives are for parents, teachers, governors, police and those new to the school travel profession interested in finding out about Park & Stride, the Walking Bus or other schemes.
  • With our Success with your Schemes section we let you know what other help is available, how to promote your schemes and how to get others motivated to join you.
  • If you are looking for resources and incentives to support your schemes we offer a wide range and as a social enterprise 100% of profits are ploughed back to support our aims of promoting walking, cycling and road safety initiatives.