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Walk to School Schemes - Introduction

Although we'd love it if all children would just get up and walk to school in the morning, the reality is that sometimes it takes a bit of initiative, creativity and organisation to overcome the obstacles families face in order to do this. By introducing one or more walk to school scheme for your school you can enable and encourage more children to walk, making it safer and healthier for all. 

Here is a summary of some popular schemes and initiatives for the UK and overseas which will hopefully inspire you.

  • Park and Stride: park away from school and walk the last 10 minutes.
  • Walking Bus: which can be informal (easy to set up) or formal (needs more organisation but has extra benefits for parents).
  • Junior Conductors and Buddy Walking.
  • WOW: Walk Once a Week to get them started in the habit.
  • Golden Shoe: classes compete for 'best walkers'. Winner class gets to display the golden shoe!
  • Seasonal events: hold your own topical event to encourage walking or link in with national events and walk to school days.

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