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Walking Bus - Introduction

A walking bus is an organised group of children who walk to school together accompanied by volunteers. There is no actual bus!

How Does it Work?
  • There are two types - formal and informal.
  • With a formal walking bus, volunteers (often parents or carers who take it in turns) walk with the children to school in an organised group starting from a fixed point at a fixed time. The bus may have stops on the way for more children to join and usually runs every day. Partiipants wear high vis to help them to be safer near traffic, for insurance and to identify the group.
  • For an informal walking bus parents or carers accompany their own children in a organised group walk to school.
Why is it a Good Idea?
  • It is sociable, healthy and enjoyable.
  • Parking problems near the school gates can be reduced.
  • Children learn about road safety and become more aware of their environment.
  • A formal walking bus can be convenient for parents who aren't able to walk with their children every day.
  • It can be linked to a Park & Stride scheme so those from further afield can take part.
  • It is a popular element of many School Travel Plans and can help your school to achieve recognition through award schemes such as Modeshift STARS.
Setting Up a Walking Bus
  • If you are a parent ask around other parents to see if there is enough interest. Then approach your school as you will need their support.
  • Contact your local authority School Travel Plan officers or Road Safety team as they may be able to offer support, advice and training.
  • Check out the other information on this website - it will also help but it is intended to supplement, rather than replace, the information from your local authority.
  • If you want a formal scheme you will need a keen parent or team to start it up, co-ordinate it, keep it going and promote it to parents, children and the community. 
  • It can be easier to get started with an informal walking bus.