Welcome to ‘Think Outside the Tin Box’


Welcome to ‘Think Outside the Tin Box’ Blog

So what is ‘thinking outside the tin box’? If you are the kind of person who understands and enjoys the many benefits of cycling, walking or other forms of active travel, you may already get what this means. And if you are keen to help others experience these benefits too because of your job or your personal interest, this blog is for you.

No Need to Reinvent the (Bicycle) Wheel

Trying to engage others in your active travel campaigns is often a challenge so you need to be clever and have good ideas. But they don’t have to all come from you; there is no need to reinvent the (bicycle) wheel. We plan to share many schemes and ideas here to give you inspiration and invite you to share yours here too.

Making a Success of Your Campaigns

There’s far more to running a successful active travel campaign than handing out a few stickers or leaflets. We’ll be looking into what makes a successful campaign and how you can measure the success. Budgets are often tight so this will help you make the most of your resources and use them effectively.

Back to the ‘Tin Box’

And if you are still wondering about the title…‘thinking outside the box’ means finding creative and novel ways of solving a problem. ‘Tin Lizzie’ was a nickname for the Model T Ford (the first mass-produced car) and to “go the way of the Tin Lizzie” means something outdated has been replaced by a better product, belief or behaviour.

I’ve combined the two phrases to represent how we can be innovative in helping others change their travel behaviour so we are no longer  dependent on cars and confined to our ‘tin boxes’ and traffic jams. We can also enjoy a bit of thinking space of our own when walking or cycling.

Alison Holland,

Founder, Active Travel Solutions and Brightkidz

Brightkidz provides information and products to inspire active travel for children. Active Travel Solutions provides information and products to support and inspire active travel for all. Brand My Thingy provides general promotional merchandise. All are part of Safe Kids Walking Ltd a social enterprise and common ownership co-operative, company limited by guarantee without share capital, registered in England No 5069325 10 March 2004.

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