Welcome to ‘Wobbly on a Bike’ Blog

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Welcome to ‘Wobbly on a Bike’

Do you want to avoid traffic jams and parking problems? Save money? Get fitter? Improve your mental health? Be healthier in general now and in future?

‘Wobbly on a Bike’ blog is about sharing practical ideas and providing inspiration for you to leave the car at home and travel in a more active, healthy, safe and sustainable way… cycling.

If you are the kind of person who has a flat-tyred, cobweb-covered bike at the back of the shed but just needs a bit of encouragement to dust it down, pump it up and get cycling again, this could be your inspiration.

We’re not talking about every journey but by breaking the habit of driving and changing the way you travel at least once a week you can make a difference to yourself and to others around you.

Why Wobbly on a Bike?

This blog is not here for future Olympians or anyone who is already cycling 30 miles a day – it’s for the kind of people who got picked last for the team in PE lessons or who maybe failed their cycling proficiency. It’s for those who need the confidence, information and motivation to break the driving habit and start cycling more… and for anyone who wants to support them to do so.

You don’t need to be fit to start cycling; but you will get fit if you do it regularly. So we hope you will be inspired to give it a try.

Coming Soon… Watch This Space:

  • What’s in it for me? – why cycle?
  • Getting started – how to set your objectives.
  • Fit for work – ask you boss to encourage more commuter cycling with a travel plan at your workplace.
  • Events and Apps – to motivate you, your friends and colleagues to start cycling more.
  • Who can help? – organisations to support your plans to cycle.
  • Get your kit on – making your journey comfortable and safer.

Alison Holland,

Founder, Brightkidz

‘Wobbly on a Bike’ is written by Alison Holland, founder of Active Travel Solutions, Brand My Thingy and Brightkidz social enterprise. Some articles co-written with Julia Thorley. Active Travel Solutions provides information and products to support and inspire active travel for all. Brand My Thingy provides general promotional merchandise. Brightkidz provides information and products to inspire active travel for children. All four brands are part of Safe Kids Walking Ltd a social enterprise and common ownership co-operative, company limited by guarantee without share capital, registered in England No 5069325 10 March 2004.

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