Are you Wobbly on a Bike?

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We all know that feeling: the gnawing sensation that we should be moving around more and doing our bit to make the world cleaner and less congested.

We have all sat in traffic on our way to or from work wondering why we waste so much time waiting to get places. Yet, it is never as simple as merely getting out of the car and getting on your bike. We many be concerned about many things; the barriers we have that stop us changing our mindset and habits.

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This is possibly why 71% of the adult population in 2017 said that they rarely or never cycled anywhere ( Even more shocking is the fact that men are 3 times more likely to make a journey by bike and on average cycle 4 times further than women.

If you feel a bit ‘wobbly ‘ about cycling (not literally!) we hope we can inspire you to gradually make the changes necessary to experience long-lasting benefits from a totally fresh way of seeing some of your journeys. Even if it is as simple as not taking the car to visit the in-laws on a Saturday or cycling around a local park on a Sunday instead of driving there to enjoy the view. Small steps still count and when added up, will make a big difference.

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First we have to be sure we have an alternative to the car. Many people, when asked, will admit they have an old bike lurking around in the back of the shed or behind the camping equipment in the garage. They will also admit that it has not seen any action for years and they could not tell you what state it would be in. The ghosts of old bikes haunt many houses and it is good to remember that an old bike is not a dead bike!

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It’s also good to look at what to wear in all weathers (including carrying a change of clothes for work etc), accessories that might make your cycling safer and easier.

We will be back with our first steps soon, which gives you enough time to go and find that old bike and give it a bit of a dust.


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