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Helping You Promote Walking to School, Cycling and Road Safety

Welcome to Brightkidz

Walking to school, cycling or scooting... active travel has many benefits for children. Whether you're a school, local authority, business or parent we can provide information, campaign resources and eye-catching bright products which support your initiatives and help you all to be seen. Here's what we offer:

High Vis or Bright Clothing and Accessories for Children

See our range of high vis waistcoats or bright accessories to help children be seen - fluorescent for day, reflective for night. Shop here for children's bright clothing and accessories.

boy in high vis orange waistcoat on bike

Ready-Printed Active Travel and Road Safety Resources

Our range of ready-printed reflectors, stickers and packs supports your walk, cycle, scoot and road safety campaigns. Shop here for ready-printed resources.

fluorescent stickers ready printed

Custom-Printed Resources for Your Campaigns

Eye-catching high vis products with your design - bags, reflectors, stickers etc - as well as traditional, non-bright promotional resources. Shop here for custom-printed resources.

custom printed reflective zip clips

Bright and Active for Adults

Brightkidz is not just for kids! Many of our high vis and active travel resources are for adults and teens too for college, workplace or charity events... or for yourself when running, cycling or horseriding. Shop here for our bright range for adults.

LED shoe clips

Helping You to Take Action

Frustrated with parking congestion outside your school? Keen to get more children walking, cycling or scooting? If you want to take action to promote active travel and road safety in your area, see our information sections: walk to school schemes, cycling, scooting and road safety.

boy with high vis hedgehog