Helping You Promote Walking to School, Cycling and Road Safety

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Get Your Message Across

  • Our range of fluorescent, reflective products can really add impact to your promotional messages and are an eye-catching way to promote your brand.
  • Funky fluorescent reflectors, snapbands, zip clips and more are a great event giveaway and can be custom printed (min order 250 or 500).

Your Work Travel Plan

  • Support your workplace travel plan by giving free high vis waistcoats or rucksacks to staff who cycle.
  • Promote your travel plan with a Bike to Breakfast event and give out custom printed reflectors from our range.

Support Your Community

  • If you want to help keep children safe and active, support a local school by providing them with Brightkidz fluorescent, reflective products.
  • Whether it is to sponsor a local Walking Bus initiative or 'Be Safe Be Seen' campaign many schools really would appreciate your help and can be part of your Corporate and Social Responsiblity programme.
  • Join our Bright Footsteps campaign to support schools and get discounts off products from our range.
  • Find out more about Bright Footsteps here.