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We are here to help you keep your children safe whilst out and about. By wearing or carrying something fluorescent and reflective (high vis) they can be more easily seen by day, dusk and night, all year round.

Our aim is to make fluorescent, reflective clothing for children attractive, available and affordable for all.

Whatever the age and tastes of your child we are sure you will find something in our range to suit them.

We have designed and continue to develop our own great unique ranges: BrightKidz for children and BrightSportz for older children and adults, with quality materials, many colours and mainly UK production. Our badges, snapbands are reflectors show that safety can be fun - and are great gifts for party bags too.

Our waistcoats, bags, hats and umbrellas are stylish enough to be great presents and prove that 'high vis' doesn't just mean yellow jackets! Although our BrightKidz range costs more than our budget range, you are buying direct from us so you still get great value. And after all......if they like it they will wear it.

We think it is important that high visibility products are easily available for children.

Our products are available through many schools, but we always welcome individual customers too.BrightSportz range

Orders can be placed with us by phone or over the web through our secure e-shop and we do not have a minimum order level. Most debit/credit cards are accepted (also cheques or postal orders, by arrangement).

Our prices are competitive and great value. If you are looking for a very low cost option to being bright our imported Bright Basics range of traditional styles is ideal. This includes yellow or orange waistcoats, bags, caps and more. Postage is free for all orders over £25 (or £3.95 for orders below that level to cover costs of postage and order admin).

For Grown Ups Too!

BrightSportz waistcoat

See our BrightSportz range of products for adults so you can also be bright, safe and seen whilst out and about cycling, running, riding or walking.