Walking to School

Do you want to encourage and enable more children to walk to school?

We’ve plenty of initiatives to help you inspire others:

Although we’d love it if all children would just get up and walk to school in the morning, the reality is that sometimes it takes a bit of initiative, creativity and organisation to overcome the obstacles families face in order to do this.

By introducing one or more of these walk to school scheme for your school you can enable and encourage more children to get the walking habit, making it safer and healthier for all.

  • Park and Stride: Park away from school and walk the last 10 minutes.
  • Informal Walking Bus: It’s easy to set up this sociable walk-to-school group.
  • Formal Walking Bus: Parent volunteers take it in turns to walk pupils to school in a group.
  • WOW: Walk Once a Week to get pupils started in the habit.
  • Star Walkers: Regular walkers can collect stars to create pictures of constellations. 

Tip for Success:

All Aboard the Walking Bus:

walking bus group

On a Walking Bus, children walk to school in an organised group. They wear bright waistcoats to help with group monitoring and to be more easily seen by drivers.

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